Where we come from.

From a victim to a survivor to a warrior. But having a story is only half the battle it only tells a part of my history. A mother, a wife, an educator adhering to the realization that having knowledge helps create the foundation and sharing it embodies the dream.  Rising from the ashes of my past using it as a doorway to administer my purpose, I aim to not only be a better me but enable others to do the same.  Release the crutches of our pasts, unlock the shackles of our nightmares and remove the blinders of our wrong teachings. To feel comfortable being uncomfortable while the new you (me) is unveiled and the shadows of our prior decisions and choices help shape our futures To be sure we are not kept dwelling in the past or feeling unsure about what’s to come.  I am the generator of my dreams, the flicker of light that points towards faith. Faith, Definiteness of purpose and the pursuit of all that is good in my life.

Where we are.

Currently reaching for new heights, Motivate Many wants to combine our sucesses with others and teach and learn from our failures. We understand that your story is what defines you and we want you to embrace everything you are. Progression is the only requirement. Stay driven by determination. Reaching for inspiration. Shedding away the classification that we are a generation of of continual cessation of our pasts.   I want to help you gain the understanding that your mental and spiritual connection to your physical energy is the most powerful weapon and equally the most peaceful power you will ever have, you will be well on your way to winning.   You are your biggest enemy and your mind is the nation you are in control of. So do you want to become the master, dictator and president of your nation? would you like to be the driving force behind your own thoughts?

Where we are going.

My focus is to remove the stigma that our parents are the last of a dying breed and realize that we are the dawn of a new one.  We focus on the many within the few. Those who are leaders, those who understand that life is a millinium marathon not a seasonal sprint. Your life is created to inspire those who come after you, to ensure they understand the larger goals and find the ones who will embrace your marathon and continue to run it.  There is no end in sight and the end game is personal domination.

Speaking positivity, motivation and inspiration into those you love and care for is mandatory. We become what we say and what is drilled into our heads, this is why there are so many inspirational motivational speakers all over the world. We understand that being one of the  top motivational speakers in the world required hard work and dedication and we are up for the challenge.  The first stop, becoming  the most sought after and best transitional, notivational and inspirational speakers in the world.